The North Carolina Building Code Council adopted the 2008 National Electrical Code (NFPA 70-2008),

with amendments, as the North Carolina Electrical Code effective June 1, 2008. 


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Below are 13 Electrical Code interpretations by the NC Department of  Insurance Engineering Division.


1). 210.11 B - Number Of Outlets On Circuits In Dwellings

2). 210.12.b - Arc-fault Circuit-interrupters In Bedrooms Of Dwellings

3). 210.21 B3 - 15 Amp Duplex Receptacles On 20 Amp Circuits

4). 210.71.a.c.2 - Smoke Detectors In Attics

5). 210.71.b Exception 2 - Smoke Detectors In Residential Aircraft Hangers

6). 210.8.b.3 - GFCI Receptacles In Commercial Kitchens

7). 250.56 - Grounding Electrodes For Single Family Dwellings

8). 300.5 D - Non-metallic Conduit Subject To Physical Damage

9). 334.10 - Nm Cable Other Than Dwellings

10). 406.8.b - In-use Type Receptacle Covers In Wet Locations

11). 550.33 - Mobile Home Feeders And Equipment Grounding Conductors

12). 601.1 - Garage Heating And Cooling For A Dwelling

13). 680.26 C - Swimming Pool Equipotential Bonding Grid


Below are additional interpretations of the Electrical Code made by the NC Department of Insurance, Engineering Division.

Service Equipment-Disconnecting Means

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